Agape City Care

Agape City Care Profile

Agape City Care is a ministry of the Wesley Agape Indonesian Congregation.  We provide “pastoral counselling” to the Indonesian community, with a significant target towards the Indonesian youth sector in Sydney.

Agape City Care was first established in late 2000 following two suicide attempts in Sydney. As a result, the team was formed with the main purpose of reaching out to young people, of being their listeners and their companions in times of trouble.

Certainly research has shown that there are a significant number of young people who face the pressures of life without knowing who to turn to for help.  It is our goal to reduce these numbers and to provide support to those in need.

Though still in its early stages, our team has had wide experience in counselling and caring for many young people.  Whilst a large proportion of our cases come from personal referrals, we also offer limited services in some Sydney prisons, detention centres and one of the major Universities in Sydney.

What Type of Care Do We Provide
Our work involves actively seeking people in need of care and assistance, providing face-to-face counselling, or counselling over the telephone or internet (depending on preference), providing emotional care, encouragement and support, providing physical care (such as food, clothing etc), as well as other assistance wherever possible.

We work closely with both individuals and families with problems because we believe that an effective solution to handling a young person’s problem is by promoting a happy and supportive family environment.

Some areas where we provide assistance include:Depression
• Loneliness
• Marriage and personal relationships
• Family problems
• Drug addictions
• Gambling

Our Team
The Agape City Care Team is led by Pastor Stephen Tanuwijaya, who has studied specific courses in counselling and has obtained his Doctoral Degree in Christian Counselling.  Pastor Stephen is also a Chaplain at the University of Technology Sydney and a visiting Chaplain at some Sydney prisons.

Pastor Stephen works with a growing team of church-trained volunteers from the Agape Indonesian Christian Fellowship.

To contact us for assistance, advice or more information please ring 0414 745 948 or if calling from overseas + 61 414 745 948.